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Discretion: This is not for the weak minded, unstimulated brains, closed minded, self-hating, haters. 

To be great is to be misunderstood” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Another Opinion (that I’m entitled too)/Another Point of View:

I don’t know where to begin. My first thoughts were generally, What? Wow. Woah. Oh. Hmm. Beautiful Scenery. Cool. I love this song. I’m confused.
Most people that I’m regretting to have friended on the internet had other disheartening feelings towards it, which I will not repeat. It’s come to my attention that the cliche’ “Everyone’s a critic” comes into it’s truest forms when it’s of celebrity. Moving FORWARD: I had to watch the video numerous times to understand it. The thing that I love most about art is interpretation. In Art, the question that always betides, is, “well what does it exactly mean”, and depending on that person, the answer, or interpretation, changes or is different. In the beginning of the video, we are introduced to various sceneries of various mountain tops. I interpret this as Kanye’s love for Kim, he’s so in love he feels like he’s always on top of a mountain. Then we see a hawk ( She makes him feel as if he can fly(high/over the mountain). Then the song begins with the Charlie Wilson ballads ” I know you’re tired, of loving, with nobody to love.” as beautiful white horses race towards us. Kim and Kanye have been through a lot, and they both are romantics, who have been in numerous relationships, loving people, trying to find the one( each other) and now they have each other, and as every little girls dreams who grows up into a woman, there is still a yearning of their own Knight in shining armor coming to rescue them on a WHITE HORSE. And Kim and Kanye have rescued each other. The horses are then racing (running wild) on a beautiful plain. More symbolism for love.

Then Kim is introduced, on a motorcycle as is Kanye with a tattered shirt. They are seen separately (doing their own thing), being themselves. Each scenery, is beautiful visually and would be to any human. Beautiful creations. They we’re created for one another. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ye has always seen Kim as the most beautiful woman in the world, his dream girl.  And he’s wearing a tattered shirt to symbolize his roughness, and how she loves him regardless. She’s pure love for him, his angel.

Then, they are on the motorcycle together. They’re on the ride together. The ride of life. But nothing matters, because love endures all things. They have each other no matter what, they have each other’s backs no matter what. They’ll love each other no matter what. They’re happy with one another and accept each other fully. They’re going to get through life together. The scenery then changes, and it appears that they’re riding off into the sunset together. They begin to make love all night (the scenery changes again to night time), then to space, interpreted as her love is out of this world, as well as they’re love making. Her love takes him to SPACE. They are continuously hugging which symbolizes them never letting go of one another, and their affection. The scenery is now in the sky, and her love has taken him to the HEAVENS. He does something intimate. 😉 and they are shot from each other’s point of view of one another.

They basically gives us a visual of their love, and an artistic version of their love making. It’s poetic.

If you couldn’t interpret that, it’s alright. I just did it for you. Kanye’s visions aren’t slowing down. He’s a genius and wise beyond your years. It was a beautiful video that can only be understood if you have experienced true love in your own life.

Bravo YEEZUS. I get it, I get it.

(that was a Drizzy reference).

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I think we all just agreed on who the best rapper is… Everything You Need to Know about Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail

“They’ve read a lot of words and I’ve lived a lof of life”  


“Beautiful artwork. You’re truly an artist” 


A Master Piece.

Bravo. Genius Genius Genius. Jay Z has done it again and again, and very well. Kept under wraps, during the NBA Finals, Jay Z announced his 12th studio album release, on a Samsung commercial, featuring Pharrell, Swizz Beats, and the famous “reducer” Rick Ruben. Although previously released to lucky Samsung Galaxy holders on July 4, 2013, the official release for MCHG hit stores and iTunes June 9,2013.

My Review and Opinion of the Album (If you care enough to know):

To me, for this generation, for my generation, for this era in music, this album will become a classic hip hop album. Jay Z has a million references, and proves that he is, and why he is the master of his art and craft. He is genius with his metaphors, his rhythm, and he has it ALL; Connotation, Hyperbole, Imagery, Irony, Satire, symbolism, amazing features, sick layered beats, trill auto tunes and intros, and fantastic samples. 

I listened to the album (start to finish) , read the lyrics on rap genius (it’s worth it to read the lyrics and their meanings, you’ll love the song more), and then listened to the album again.

And to explain how awesome this is, I literally was screaming F bombs, every time I analyzed a lyric or beat. This album production is genius, and there’s so much to it.

It opens with Holy Grail featuring Justin Timberlake, and JT sangsss his heart out on this track, and Jay raps about his love/hate relationship with fame. Then, Jay shifts into Picasso Baby, where he glorifies his love for art as well as his rap skill to the paint brush skills of the late great Pablo, Pica ca-ca Picasso Baby (FYI: ca ca means the sh*t in Spanish, and they are it). Then he picks it up with a catchy 808 rocking beat, on the track Tom Ford, where he of course talks about his favorite fashion statement, and has a nice Houston chop and screw featuring his lady, sounding sultry and sexy. Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit featuring the boss Rick Ross, the scene is set in Italy, and Ross is shopping, getting b*tches and money, and Jay makes  his intro and lays bars and levels with us in Italian. What other rapper, raps in Italian? Brillante.  And although we all celebrate July 4th as America’s independence day,the reality of it is, not all “Americans” were “free” :/ and Christoper Columbus didn’t discover America….exactly. But JayZ gives African-American’s our own meaningful “Independence” day on this track called Oceans,featuring the Frank Ocean. Another, society wrenching song, that makes you take a second look at the world around you, Somewhereinamerica there are racist, and corrupt politicians concerned with money rather than making the world a better place for their children.. As well as criticizers of the African American culture who don’t understand African -Americans or know their history. Also in America, Jay laid some sick wraps about her majesty, on a Gatsby type beat. Crown, which was produced by the up and coming Travi$ Scott,with help from 16 year old Canadian producer Wonder Gurl. JayZ goes into his drug dealing days and the beginning struggles of the music industry and frenemies. In the track Heaven, Jay discusses religion and ask you to question your religion, your faith, what you’ve been taught, and how you judge others religions. Have you yourself, been to heaven? He also puts you Illuminati rumor starter/believers to silence and shame.  Versus? You aren’t an opponent to JayZ. He’s his own competition. Part IIOn the Run) is the second half to the previous track Bonnie & Clyde, on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse. Beach is Better is a tease. BBC features Beyonce. Nas, Pharrell, TImbaland, Justin Timberlake and Swizz Beats, whew!! Jay Z Blue, tells Jays struggles of being a father without having help from his estranged father. La familia is Jay’s response to his feud with Lil Wayne. Nickles and Dimes discusses his money struggles and concerns on how it affected his lifestyle and those around him.

This album was so amazing I want more…I seriously didn’t want it to end, and every time it does, I get sad and think. “is it really over?”

sigh. we are blessed and being educated.




The new independence day. 


Red. White. and Blue.

……..clever Jay.

The New Rules state Jay Z can have an album out that no one knew was coming.

The New Rules states that Jay Z can release all the lyrics to his songs whenever he pleases, before the actual album release and still get amazing reviews and sales.

The New Rules states that Jay Z can create a website and app allowing only Samsung users to get his album for “free” that Samsung already bought. Billboard says the sales won’t count.  Booooooo.

(I made those up)

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