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The Worst/Best News Ever Received

A million hearts break everywhere as MIley Cyrus announced that soon, she will be going by Miley Hemsworth. 

As beautiful as MIley and Liam make a couple, fans, and friends couldn’t be happier! While girls who share envy for Miley for dating the Australian hunk of three years, also couldn’t be more supportive! Friends such as Lccy Hale, also sends Miley the best wishes via twitter. Of course people will soon start questioning Miley’s age of being “too young.” Well to you people, did you ever consider the factor that in order to have her career, she had to become an “adult” mentally quite early. So shut up. 


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“Hunger Games” reaps in 155 million opening weekend!

 Hunger Games for the win! Opening weekend for the Hunger Games was more than successful bringing in 19.7 million just among its midnight release! As a fan of the books myself, this film did the book justice, and fans will not be disappointed. Thanks to a well casted film, an awesome director, and a great book, this movie will be added in the “a great book adapted into an actual great film.” hall of fame sure enough. The director, Garry Ross, did an amazing job with the feature, pulling everything together.  Of course, the all-star crew of Jennifer Lawrence, and my personal favorite celebrity crush, Liam Hemsworth, helped reel in movie goers. Amandla Stenberg makes her second grandiose debut, as Rue, and owns the role. She’s a star on the come up, and well worth watching. Amongst the cast as well, are notable actors such as Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, as well as singer Lenny Kravitz.  The movie was so well received, that the sequel Catching Fire, is now in motion and is set to be released in November 2013.


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