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Treasure Tuesday

11.13.12 is the day the world has been waiting for. If you don’t know what today is and why it should be celebrated as a national holiday then you must live under a rock (no cliche’ intended, but seriously). Music lovers all over the world rejoice as two not so new not so old artist, present us with not so new musical eargasams. The Weeknd’s long awaited album The Trilogy was released on iTunes today and in stores, as well as Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die “Paradise Edition”. Two of my personal favorite artist who keep giving us musical candy. You know you have true fans when they “buy music they’ve had for years/could illegally download (please don’t). Nothing should make these two feel more at ease than knowing we’ve got their back because they understand us and they speak for us in ways we haven’t learned to speak for ourselves. Real and trill music lives on. Thank you Abel (and yes I had to tell my friends about the way you’ve got me screaming your name in case you were curious) and Lana. XO. 



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National Anthem Full Music Video x Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky

I am left speechless at the genius that is vintage and Lana Del Rey. 

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JFK (A$AP Rocky) & Lana Del Rey x National Anthem Trailer

A$AP is featured in Lana’s latest music video “National Anthem” off of her album Born to Die as the late, JFK. Here’s the super extended trailer. I cannot wait to see Lana’s take on the American Camelot family. Happy Independence.

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Team Wolf Del Rey

Lana Del Rey and Tyler the Creator have been tweeting each other about pretty instrumentals. Does this mean a weird ass collaboration is in the future?

I’m oddly over excited.


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Self Styled Gangsta Nancy Sinatra Shoots Again, Bang Bang

Lana Del Rey Premiers “Blue Jeans” Video

Of Course it’s Vintage Dopeness

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