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Cutest Couple Alert

Beyonce’ and hubby Jay-Z enjoyed a court side view of the Knicks game on Sunday, while we enjoyed our view of the adorable couple who were matching! Beyonce’ rocked  Louboutin “Bisun Bout Pumps” and Jay Z wore Mango Lebron Nike’s. Beyonce’ is also wearing her newest favorite accessory, Blue nail polish in honor of the couples daughter.


Here we get an up close and personal view of the couples ensembles!


Also on Sunday,Beyonce’ was seen taking a stroll through the park spending quality time with the lovely Blue, later joining her hubby and nephew Julez.

Image  Image



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Baby Blue’s got Baby Loubs

Beyonce’ has asked designer Christian Louboutin to design Blue Ivy a pair of shoes with red soles! As well as matching pair for herself! How cute is that? So much for Beyonce’ not spoiling Blue and raising her to be normal. Well, when you have everything how could you not want to spoil the love of your life and not give her the world? Including Oprah and Gwenyth Paltrow as godmothers! Baby Blue has got it all 🙂


How Adorable is Beyonce’!! She is so stunning!!!

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