Watch out Demi! The New Mrs. Kutcher??

Holy Shit! Say it ain’t so! Pop Star Rhianna and Ashton Kutcher??

It’s been widely speculated that these two are dating!! For 8 weeks now?? Who would’ve ever thought,that Ashton had it in him? Or Rhianna for that matter? She’s apparently serious about him and has asked him to stay with her in England this summer doing her shows at Wireless festival in Hyde Park and at Radio 1’s Hackney weekend in June and July. It’s also been speculated that Kutcher is getting cozy with her fam  and has been flown with to New York to meet Rhi Rhi’s brother!

Poor Demi, has been said to be heartbroken by Kutcher’s actions in the public eye, with his “other women”. She has also stated that she “wants nothing more to do with him.” Well no shocker there. We all know Ashton messed up when he cheated on his beautiful wife.

So did Rhi pull a hoax on her fans? Everyone thought she was getting back with her ex Chris Brown after their release of “Cake Remix”. Which upset a lot of people as well as started mixed emotions, Rhianna has made it clear she doesn’t care what others think of her, which is bad ass, and a great attitude. We can all take a lesson from Rhianna when it comes to forgiveness as well as not entertaining other approval or dis approval for that matter, of her.

But Rhianna says it’s not true! The 24 year old singer says “I’m happy and I’m Single” Well so much for the most random celebrity wedding in the history of Hollywood.


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