Justin Bieber & Momma Madonna

Oh Justin! How you make the girls scream and adore you! Justin released his new single boyfriend, looking more manly than ever on the cover! As you play this catchy tune, you might stop to think for a second, and say JT? As in Justin Timberlake? No! It’s JB!! His voice has gotten deeper just to make you swoon, er, more if you haven’t been already.

In addition to Justin Bieber’s new single and high reviews, he got a special message from Madonna on twitter! Madonna joined twitter for one day to answer fan questions and was asked what she thought of Justin Bieber. Of course she loves him how could she not? Justin replied to Madonna’s response saying “seeing that is a huge honor. Yours is a career artists dream of. Congrats on the new album!” The gracious Madonna replied with an even bigger surprise for Justin!

Congrats JB on your new single “Boyfriend”, (produced by Mike Posner) but we all know you’re dating Selena already, why be tease? Catch Justin Bieber tonight with Aston Kutcher on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


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